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Tour around the top of the gulf, this very scenic drive only takes around 40 minutes & takes in a diverse range of scenery including Flinders Ranges, Outback & a very unique coastal aspect. Technically if you start on the Western side you travel along the last of the Eyre Peninsula around the top of Spencer's Gulf then down the Yorke Peninsula.

The Western or Eyre Peninsula side has an outback setting with long relatively flats & views to the Baxter Ranges to the west as shown below.

Flinders Ranges Outback Flinders Ranges Outback

Then you get to the top of the gulf & Yorkeys Crossing as it is known. You can see from the below photos the very tip of Spencers Gulf & the salt plains that it turns into.

Flinders Ranges Outback Flinders Ranges Outback

As you head down the Eastern side or Yorke Penninsula the outback rises into Flinders Ranges & sandy wooded country.

Flinders Ranges Outback Flinders Ranges Outback

This road is unsealed but usually fairly good being the Port Augusta heavey vehicle bypass, please seek further information especially after rain. As it has low traffic numbers its also a good idea to let someone you are doing the drive.


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The Winter months are the perfect time to cruise along the Flinders Ranges & Outback region due to our mild climate & traditionally calmer weather.

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